Visits and Workshops

I am an author with a firm commitment to helping empower children of all ages, through inspirational visits, workshops and other activities. I promote messages of resilience, strength, and how we all have an inner determination that will help us to overcome anything.

Teacher’s feedback included that “the honest account of her experience made the workshop very powerful and her style was extremely engaging”, that what most impressed them was “her authenticity and bravery and being able to talk to us in such an animated and compelling way”. It has also been said that “the workshop really supported the work we do in PSHE lessons”.

Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO of Kidscape has endorsed the workshop and said, ‘Children need to be supported to grow in confidence and M.G Vaciago helps us reach children in new and innovative ways – this is a gift to schools who take bullying seriously and want to make a real difference.

I have £10 million Public Liability Insurance cover for any work carried out within schools and local authority venues.

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